Football. UEFA Europa League. 18-00 GMT.

Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie for football match of UEFA Champions League FC Zurich vs Villareal.

free football tipsZurich is very good football team that plays attacking football and score many goals. In championship of Swiss club all for himself long ago I decided, so team for match is in best shape.

Villarreal is experiencing a clear decline in last four games only once managed to beat Betis 2-0 at home. On away in Europa League Villarreal didn't win Steaua 1-1 and Osmanlıspor 2:2. It's not known whether they will be able to-win team that didn't lose this year in his field, and visiting only one defeat against Villarreal 2-1.

In 2014, teams have met in Switzerland and Villarreal lost with score 3-2. Most likely upcoming match won't reveal winner and both teams will earn one point.

FC Zurich vs Villareal - FC Zurich victory or draw, wager price is 97/100. (prediction correct, result is 1:1)