Football. UEFA Champions League. 19-45 GMT.

Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie for football match of UEFA Champions League Besictas vs Benfica.

Victory in this match can virtually ensure qualification for playoff of Champions League, especially Benfica. Both teams are prepared and will fight until final whistle.

free predictions tips 23112016Besiktas got sensational four points after two matches vs Napoli and it gave a chance for further struggle in Champions League. Team hasn't lost yet even a single match, although in first match in Portugal it played in a draw thanks to a goal in third minute of added referee time. Besictas is very strong, well-played and is ready to fight any opponent.

Benfica started badly, but in two matches vs Dynamo Kiev team proved that deserves to continue to participate further in Champions League. Team will play defensively with quick counterattacks in this match.

Besictas vs Benfica - Benfica victory with AH (0), wager price is 2.01. (prediction cancelled, result is 3:3)