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Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie for basketball match of NBA New Orleans Pelicans vs Milwaukee Bucks.

New Orleans Pelicans is same team in NBA that hasn't wins in this season. Main reason of unwinning games is weak game and no luck, as were matches where victory was near, but Pelicans suffered defeat. Leader of Pelicans Davis shows a phenomenal game, every game leading his team ahead, but unfortunately partners didn't support their leader, their skills level is much lower.

Milwaukee Bucks started season well and managed to preserve basic structure of players, young players improve their gaming skills. Kidd does a great job with the team and I think that Buck definitely will play in the playoffs this season. It's very important to remain about team leader Giannis Antetokounmpo, he shows phenomenal results, a very versatile player.

More than a week ago, these teams played in New Orlean and Bucks won without any problems.

New Orleans Pelicans vs Milwaukee Bucks - total points under (208), wager price is 9/10.(prediction lost, result is 112:106)