Football. UEFA Europa League. 20-05 GMT.

Free sports predictions tips for betting in bookie for two football spectacular matches of UEFA Europa League Schalke vs Krasnodar and Nice vs FC Salzburg.

Both teams have played against each other two weeks ago, where it was obvious that Schalke even played much better on away. Krasnodar bad plays, little scores, it hardly will be able to play on a level vs German team and can get points only at huge fortune. Most likely a football match will take place under full domination of Schalke and home team will determine final result of coming match.

Schalke vs Krasnodar - Schalke victory with AH (-1), wager price is 11/10. (prediction correct, result is 2:0)


Nice rarely loses at home, so most likely this team will get points in this game, especially last game they won in Salzburg. Especially in Nice have a chance to compete for qualification of playoffs.

FC Salzburg is not a weak team and can score goals on away, though not very stable, and with such a strong rival as Nice it will be very difficult to play.

Nice vs FC Salzburg - Nice victory, wager price is 9/10. (prediction lost, result is 0:2)