Football. UEFA Europa League. 18-00 GMT.

Free sports predictions tips for football betting of third round of UEFA Europa League, which will give us an interesting match Inter Milan vs Southampton.

Based on results of previous two games, we can assume that Inter won't make an effort for further participation in Europa League. In Italian Serie A Inter plays very unstable, it's in middle of the table and in last three games, two loss and one draw. Head coach Milanese hardly will risk major players in Europa League and will probably give an opportunity for reserve players to play on field. Although at times substitute players show better football as compared with starting lineup, as strong motivation to break into the first team, but to achieve positive result will be very difficult with such a rival as Southampton.

Southampton is in great shape, take first place in this group. In English Premier League team goes to middle of standings and expect to win prizes hardly be able to, because to compete with giants of championship is quite difficult. Victory of Europa League for Southampton is achievable task and I think they will spend more strength than Premier League.

Today's game will be held under domination of guest team and outcome match will depend on them.

Inter Milan vs Southampton - Southampton victory with AH (0) wager price is 6/5. (prediction lost, result is 1:0)