Football. Spain Primera Liga. 19-45 GMT.

Free sports predictions tips on october 16, 2016 is for Spain Primera Liga football match Villarreal vs Celta Vigo and tennis match of WTA Moscow Rodina vs Tomova.

Celta Vigo has given a great sprint race of 3 wins in championship, but for marathon it will not be enough, and even despite a fact that in previous round, Celta beat Barcelona, I think we can expect loss of points in this game.

Villarreal also consistently wins at home and Celta is not an opponent who can beat them on away.

Villarreal vs Celta Vigo - Villarreal victory, wager price is 1/1. (prediction correct, result is 5:0)


Tennis. WTA Moscow Qualification. 10-30 GMT.

Rodina in Moscow is very well and confidently plays. She has extensive experience in this coating and also today it's playing at home. Rodina easily won to Govortsova in yesterday's match, rather convincing victory, giving only 3 past game opponent.

Tomova also won easily yesterday, but not so easy as it might seem at first glance. A lot of break points was at her serve, Tomova barely won their feed, somehow not very confidently served. Then Amin Anshba got damage, had a medical time-out, and after that Anshba see out match without resistance.

Rodina and Tomova have already played against each other this year, it was a game on the ground Trnava ITF, Tomova won in 2 sets.

Evgeniya Rodina vs Viktoriya Tomova - total games under (19.5), wager price is 9/10. (prediction correct, result is 2:0 (6:4, 6:0))