Basketball. Euroleague ULEB. 19-00 GMT.

Free sports prediction tips on october 13, 2016 for basketball match of Euroleague ULEB Galatasaray vs CSKA. This basketball match is full of intrigue and expected of interesting game.

Today is the second day of the first tour of Europe's most prestigious basketball club tournament - Euroleague ULEB. In Istanbul, local Galatasaray takes CSKA Moscow.

Despite fact that Galatasaray is one of strongest basketball clubs in Turkey and Turkish league is one of strongest in world, Galatasaray won't be able play stronger or on a par vs CSKA.

CSKA Moscow can rightly be called the strongest team in Europe, it won Euroleague ULEB in May this year. For CSKA Moscow match won't be easy, and to win it needs to exert maximum effort.

Galatasaray vs CSKA - CSKA Moscow victory with AH (-7), wager price is 9/10(prediction correct, result is 84:109)