Football. Euro Champions League. 20-45 CET.

Free forecast for football on first day of second round of Champions League, which will give us an interesting match Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid.

Borussia Dortmund a very strong team, and last games are proof of that, scores a lot of goals and practically hasn't missed. Availability of injured players from starting lineup is negative impact on the chances of the team in today's game with a very strong Real Madrid. Players who injured are: M. Bartra (groin injury), S. Bender (ankle injury), E. Durm (knee injury), P. Aubameyang (leg injury), M. Reus (groin injury). Obomeyang may still play, but others just do not.

Real Madrid is very strong and well-rehearsed team, but in last games in Primera Liga very hard gained points. A positive aspect for Real is that almost all team players will be able to get out on match tonight and will fight for victory. Today there will be no just Marcelo.

Borussia Dortmund vs Real Madrid - Real Madrid victory with AH (0), wager price is 6/5. (prediction cancelled, result is 2:2)


Sevilla played four games at home in this season so far and without exception in all of these games are simply won all his rivals by corners (including Barcelona in the Spanish Super Cup 8:4). A fact that Sevilla scores goals with great difficulty, so they spend a lot of time in attacks. And if Lyon will score first, it's generally almost a guarantee correct bet.

Sevilla vs Lyon - Sevilla corners victory with AH (-1.5), wager price is 4/5. (prediction lost, result is 2:5)