Football. Germany Bundesliga II. 20-15 CET.

Let's look on match Germany Bundesliga II Union Berlin at home will play vs St. Pauli and try to predict its result.

Union Berlin are now in good shape after away defeat infirst round of 2:1, they are already 5 game unbeaten at 14-9 goal difference. There are positive news about starting lineup before this match. After muscle injury returns midfielder F. Kroos, as well as play the main defender F. Schonheim. The best scorer of the championship C. Quaner will also play. Union Berlin has played two away games in a row and for 2 weeks did not play at home, where the during calendar year 2016 is only one draw and all other matches won (not taking into account the friendly matches).

The St. Pauli things are not as good as we would like. At start of championship it lost three matches in a row, and only then began to gain points. Away got only 1 point in match vs outsider Karlsruhe with score 1:1, which lost to Union Berlin 4: 0. St. Pauli will enter to field a little bit weak, because it will miss one player from each line: forward F. Picault, defender S. Gonther and midfielder J. Dudziak. Losses are particularly evident right now, because they have to play the third game in last eight days and there is no possibility of rotation.

In last season, these teams played twice in a draw with each other, although in previous years, usually exchanged home wins.

Union Berlin vs St. Pauli - Union Berlin victory, wager price is 8/7.(prediction correct, result is 2:0)