Football. UEFA Champions League. 19-45 GMT.

Free sports prediction tips for betting on September 27, 2017 is for UEFA Champions League spectacular football match Anderlecht vs Celtic.

Anderlecht started season not good in Belgium First Division A, has only twelve points in eight games and first match in UEFA Champions League was unlucky because of lost to Bayern in Munich with score 3:0. Team plays on home stadium upcoming football match and will try to get three points what much improve place in standings.

Celtic is strongest scotish football club, what takes a lead in Scotland Premiership with nineteen points in seven games. Previous match of group stage of this tournament was very terrible for Celtic, team lost to PSG with crutual score 0:5 on home stadium.

Both teams are direct competitors for third place, because they are weaker of Bayern Munich and PSG and won't be able to compete with them for qualification to next playoffs round. Anderlecht and Celtic will pay much attention playing on defence, as even one goal thery are direct competitors for qualification to next round and result may be decided by just one goal. Almost all players are ready for tonight football match and will see very interesting game with many dangerous moments for scoring goal.

Anderlecht vs Celtic - total goals under (2.5), wager price is 11/10 (prediction lost, result is 0:3)