Football. UEFA Champions League. 19-45 GMT.

Free sports prediction tips for betting on September 11, 2017 is for UEFA Champions League spectacular football match Roma vs Atletico Madrid.

Roma is one of the strongest italian football club what may surprize of unpredictional results. Team plays very unstably, may lose to weak rival and win in much stronger opponent. Roma has two very strong teams in group what must stimulate its players to prepare well to every game.

Atletico Madrid started this season in Primera not so good as it can, lost some points against Girona 2:2 and Valencia 0:0, won on away 5:1 Las Palmas. Despite so results, team much attacked opponents and could score many goals, but luck turned back to Madrid's football club. Atletico Madrid will try to get three points in upcoming match and take first place in group. Team is rich of strong football players who can give victory for its funs.

Both teams has slight problems with starting lineup, although they have many perfect players in stock, this fact won't influence for quality playing and we will enjoy of very interesting football match.

Roma vs Atletico Madrid - Atletico Madrid victory, wager price is 8/5 (prediction lost, result is 0:0)