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Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie on May 15, 2017 is for spectacular basketball match of NBA Washington Wizards vs Boston Celtics.

Washington Wizards played very well in main tournament, finishing fourth in the Eastern Conference. Team confidently won in Atlanta Hawks on first stage of playoffs, but today's opponent is much stronger and to win this confrontation it needs to win upcoming game. Washington Wizards needs to play better in defense, because it's difficult to score points with a good game in defense of opponent.

Boston Celtics took first place in Eastern Conference and is one of main candidate for victory in NBA. Team is rich in strong players who are able not only to score points, but also to play well in defense, not allowing an opponent to throw aside hoop. Boston Celtics lost victory on last seconds of previous match by missing three-point throw. Team has no problems with the starting line-up and all players can play for victory with supporting spectators.

Washington Wizards vs Boston Celtics - Boston Celtics victory with AH (-5), wager price is 19/20 (prediction correct, result is 105:115)