Football. UEFA Champions League. 19-45 GMT.

Free sports prediction tips for betting on May 09, 2017 is for UEFA Champions League spectacular football match Juventus vs Monaco.

Juventus has played several seasons at highest level. Players out stars level Pogba, Evra and Tevez, but Italian club from year to year, remains one of main contenders for Champions League trophy. This year will be no exception and Juventus likely be able to reach up final. Juventus won two strongest clubs Porto and Barcelona without any problem, won first match 2:0 in Monaco, but needs to pay much attention to play in defence, because french football team plays very strong in attack and couple missed goals may worsen chances for victory in stage of cup.

Monaco is very much playing this season and likely to be able to fight for victory in Champions League. Already team defeated two very strong rivals Manchester City and Borussia Dortmund, what indicates the willingness to compete for main trophy of European football clubs. Monaco takes first place in France Ligue 1 and has a good chance to win the championship, main thing to continue win and get three points from each match. Despite losing in previous match, team will play stronger this game. Monaco has some problems with starting lineup because of injuries some players and probably most of them will be able to play tonight.

Juventus vs Monaco - Juventus victory with AH(-1), wager price is 21/20 (prediction cancelled, result is 2:1)