Football. Spain Primera Liga. 20-00 GMT.

Free sports predictions tips for betting in bookie on May 01, 2017 is for Spain Primera Liga spectacular football match Malaga vs Sevilla.

Malaga started earn points lately, four victories of last five games. Team decided very main matter of saving place in Primera Liga, because from relegation zone separated only some points. Team badly plays on own stadium and won only eight matches of sixteen. Malaga has a big problem with starting lineup because of injuries and probably won't be able to play near four players, so to win this match will be very difficult.

Sevilla takes fourth place, but has a good chance to compete for top three what will garantee participation in group stage of Champions League next autumn. The margin between Sevilla and Atletico Madrid is three points now. Team plays very strongly and can win in strongest clubs of spanish Championship. Sevilla hasn't any problems with starting lineup and all players are ready to play for victory upcoming game.

Malaga vs Sevilla - total goals under (2.5), wager price is 13/10 (prediction lost, result is 4:2)