Football. Spain Primera Liga. 19-45 GMT.

Free sports predictions tips for betting in bookie on April 24, 2017 is for Spain Primera Liga spectacular football match Eibar vs Athletic Bilbao.

Eibar takes eighth place, it shows on average performance with goal difference 52 - 44, accounting for more than one goal per game in both directions. Team likes to play entertaining football, don't close in defense. Eibar has a chance to compete for places, what allow to play in European cups in next season, difference only five points. Team has some problem with starting lineup because of injures three players who will miss tonight's match.

Athletic Bilbao needs to start winning to compete for a place in standings, which will give an opportunity to play in European cups next autumn. Team won many matches recently and improved its position in championship, a distance from sixth place decreased to two points. Athletic Bilbao hasn't any problem with starting lineup and will need to pay particular attention to game on defensive, to earn points in a very difficult and important football match.

Eibar vs Athletic Bilbao - total goals under (2.5), wager price is 19/20 (prediction correct, result is 0:1)