Basketball. Euroleague. 19-00 GMT.

Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie on April 21, 2017 is for spectacular basketball match of Euroleague Olympiacos vs Anadolu Efes.

Olympiacos is very strong already during some seasons, won twice Euroleague and is one of main potencial winner in this year. Team plays very strongly in defence and in attack, players may score two and three points throws equivalently. For victory in tonight's match Olympiacos needs to play perfectly in defence, what improve chance for qualification to next stage.

Anadolu Efes plays much worse this season than last. Perhaps this is due to significant changes in starting lineup of Turkish club and players haven't yet managed to play coordinately with each other. Team often loses to rivals, potential and level of skill which is much lower. Anadolu Efes took sixth place in league and needs to compete against one of the strongest team in world. Team lost first match and must spend all efforts to win tonight's game, what increase chance for next round of Euroleague.

Olympiacos vs Anadolu Efes - total points under (153), wager price is 19/20 (prediction correct, result is 71:73)