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Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie on April 03, 2017 is for spectacular basketball match of NBA Portland Trail Blazers vs Minnesota Timberwolves.

Portland Trail Blazers takes eighth place in Western Conference of NBA and to date gets an opportunity to play the playoffs, but gap from tenth place is only two wins and team needs to win tonight's match. Portland Trail Blazers has showed an amazing series of nine wins in row and there is an excellent chance to win tenth match.

Minnesota Timberwolves is in crisis for third season in row, now occupies twelfth place in Western Conference and lost chances to qualify for playoffs. At times, team is able to beat even league's leaders, perhaps of underestimating opponent and poorly prepare for match. Minnesota Timberwolves has great problems with starting lineup because of injuries some main players.

Portland Trail Blazers vs Minnesota Timberwolves - total points under (217.5), wager price is 19/20 (prediction lost, result is 109:110)