Basketball. Euroleague. 20-00 GMT.

Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie on March 24, 2017 is for spectacular basketball match of Euroleague Barcelona vs Crvena Zvezda.

Barcelona became weaker in current season as compared with previous. At the start of this season team was one of main contenders for victory in Euroleague, although this season started to play much worse. Perhaps this is due to change of head coach and need a little time to improve game. Latest results aren't encouraging and team needs to play better in defence and attack. Now Barcelona lost opportunity to qualify for next round of Euroleague and will use this match for experience, further development.

Crvena Zvezda plays very strongly this year as compared with ever been in its history. In each match, team give 100% and a victory over strongest European clubs is proof of that. Crvena Zvezda takes place in playoffs zone, but stock of points is very low and need to score points to save position in the top eight, for this it needs to win, especially in basketball clubs, which are weaker its.

Barcelona vs Crvena Zvezda - total points under (144), wager price is 19/20 (prediction correct, result is 67:54)