Football. UEFA Champions League. 19-45 GMT.

Free sports prediction tips for betting on march 07, 2017 is for UEFA Champions League spectacular football match Arsenal vs Bayern Munich.

Arsenal hadn't lost a single match in group stage and qualified for the playoffs from first place, but previous match in Munich was unlucky for Londoner's. Team really added on this season and shows good attacking football. Arsenal has some problems with starting lineup because of injuries, probably tonight, we won't see three players of basic structure, which may adversely affect to strategy game.

Bayern Munich is strongest football club German Bundesliga, which has a slight lead over his pursuers, and may pay more attention to fight for victory in Champions League, especially against very strong opponent as Arsenal, which have very hard confrontation. Most likely Boateng won't be able to play for Bayern Munich because of injuries, although it would not have a significant impact on game masters. Despite the victory with a large 5: 1 score in the previous match, the players of Bavaria perfectly appreciates the strength of opponent and I think they will try to play strongly, as a small relaxation can lead to a loss.

Arsenal vs Bayern Munich - total goals under (3), wager price is 1/1 (prediction lost, result is 1:5)