Football. Spain Primera Liga. 20-30 GMT.

Free sports predictions tips for betting in bookie on march 01, 2017 is for Spain Primera Liga spectacular football match Granada vs Alaves.

Granada confidently occupies the nineteenth place in standings Primera Liga, losing a lot and lately start to win home matches, what gave chance for it to save place in league. Players need to gather strength and start scoring points, otherwise team will play next season in Segunda Division. Tonight's match is very main for Granada and it must give much effort to earn three points. Almost all players are ready to play.

Alaves plays unstable and frequently lose points in games against teams who need to win to have a chance to compete for a place in standings, which will give an opportunity to play in European cups next autumn. Alaves also has a problem with the starting lineup because of injuries to many players. Team will need to pay particular attention to game on defensive, to earn points in a very difficult and important football match.

Granada vs Alaves - total goals under (2), wager price is 6/5 (prediction lost, result is 2:1)