Basketball. Euroleague. 19-00 GMT.

Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie on february 24, 2017 is for spectacular basketball match of Euroleague Brose Bamberg vs Zalgiris.

free prediction tips 23022017Brose Bamberg has become a very strong basketball club that can compete on a par with strongest teams in Europe. In several matches German club lost some matches in row to its rivals, but opponents were very strong and sometimes victory got off literally on last seconds. Team needs to win, otherwise will lose all chances to fight for playoffs stage. Brose Bamberg plays very defensively and for victory don't allow opponent to score points.

Zalgiris plays much better this year than in previous year. In each match, team give 100% and a victory over CSKA Moscow two rounds earlier is proof of that. Zalgiris is very close to playoffs zone and have every chance to get into the top eight, for this it needs to win more often, especially in basketball clubs, which are in direct competition with Lithuanians.

Brose Bamberg vs Zalgiris - total points under (154), wager price is 19/20 (prediction lost, result is 86:91)