Basketball. Euroleague. 20-00 GMT.

Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie for basketball match of Euroleague Real Madrid vs CSKA Moscow.

Tonight we will watch a very interesting match between two strongest teams of Euroleague. These two basketball clubs played against each other many times, and every match was interesting, crowded of intrigue until last second.

Real Madrid plays very well on his court and very rarely who can win it. Team is fully prepared for upcoming match and all players are ready to play for victory. The only negative aspect for Real Madrid is that three days ago, played a tough match on away against Basque in Liga ACB and perhaps players havn't enough time to relax.

CSKA Moscow plays equally strong whether on home court or game on away. Team has a problem with starting lineup because of injuries leading players, Nando De Colo and Milos Teodosic played in previous match, but haven't yet regained its usual shape. Maybe in a week, they have improved their game skills and now will be able to show us what they are capable.

Real Madrid vs CSKA Moscow - total points under (174.5), wager price is 19/20 (prediction lost, result is 95:85)