Basketball. NBA. 22-05 GMT.

Free sports predictions tips for betting in bookie on december 25, 2016 is for NBA basketball match Chicago Bulls vs San Antonio Spurs.

San Antonio Spurs shows a strong game and has a busy schedule of matches against strong enough rivals as: Portland Trail Blazers, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Clippers, and Chicago Bulls today. Team plays every day and in different ways, some at home, some on away and likely to have fatigue and hardly will play a fast attacking basketball.

Chicago Bulls became worse play this season, are on the verge of qualification to playoffs. Hardly guests can play on a par with home team, but if play coordinately well in defense, they can get desired result.

Chicago Bulls vs San Antonio Spurs - total points under (199), wager price is 9/10. (prediction lost, result is 100:119)