Football. Italy. Serie A. 19-45 GMT.

Free sports predictions tips for betting in bookie on december 17, 2016 is for Italy Serie A football match Juventus vs Roma.

Both teams are in good shape, motivation still quite high, because it can be decisive in fight for first place. Tonight, each of teams will show strong game and play very carefully.

Juventus hasn't lost a single point in its stadium, only all victories. In case of victory, Juventus can break away from second place on 7 points and overcome this difference will be extremely difficult, even though there is still half of championship.

Roma is in some state of euphoria, as won two principle matches against Lazio and Milan, at same time didn't miss a single goal.

Juventus vs Roma - total goals under (2.5), wager price is 11/10. (prediction correct, result is 1:0)