Basketball. Euroleague. 17-00 GMT.

Free sport prediction tips for betting in bookie for basketball match of Euroleague Darussafaka vs Real Madrid.

Darussafaka is strong Turkish basketball team that plays orderly in defense and have a lot of rivals to make an effort to earn points. It's also very much fans help team to show a good game, because support from first until last second of match regardless of outcome.

Real Madrid is one of most strong basketball clubs in all over world. Team has very good players who well play in defense and have versatile skills in attack, that is equally perfectly to score so as two-point as three-points shots. Tonight, Real Madrid will be in optimal starting lineup and if don't relax, it'll win match in Istanbul.

Darussafaka vs Real Madrid - Real Madrid victory with AH (-1), wager price is 9/10. (prediction lost, result is 81:68)