fixed matches tips in sports bettingSearching and betting on fixed matches tips is one of the popular mistake of many bettors, every bettor dreams of winning money without any risk.

The fourth mistake bettors in sports betting: buy and bet on fixed matches tips.

Fixed matches tips in sport are those whose result is determined by the collusion between rivals.

Since moment when the sport has become a business and the bookmakers started offering viewers predict the result of match by putting a some amount of money with an opportunity to win, began to arise scandals and revelations of collusion between athletes and teams. Sports federations strongly punished for similar acts: write out fines, disqualified, lower team in league. Ten years ago, in football Serie A was scandal over some fixed-matches, then punished with fines Fiorentina and AC Milan, and Juventus sent to Serie B.

Many players are in search of reliable rates, trying to find a source for obtaining information on the fixed matches. As you know, demand creates supply and in Internet, you can find a huge number of proposals for the purchase of results fixed matches tips between athletes or teams. All such offers are a fiction, because even if there is a secret agreement between the teams and athletes, it will be known for a very narrow number of persons, and no one will distribute this information in any way.

I bought five times information about fixed matches to test the theory of possibility to earn money on betting fixed matches. I spent about around $ 100 on purchasing fixed matches, placed bets $100 each and as result lost 60$.

Typically, fixed match sellers via the Internet are usual forecasters who issue their own forecast of match-fixing.

fixed matches exampleAlso, there are scam artists sellers of match-fixing who sell their customers opposite outcomes. For example a tennis match US Open 2016 between Serena Williams and Karolina Pliskova. For one part of match-fixing buyer, they sell information that Serena Williams will win and for second part of buyers they inform that Pliskova will win. Thus some part of the customers will be satisfied and believe the source, especially if the victory celebrated Pliskova.

Do not believe in the possibility to buy information about fixed matches via Internet!

The fourth mistake bettors in sports betting is: buying and betting on fixed matches tips.

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