fear losingMost of bettors before placing bet money on sport, make analysis of line and select one or more events to bet money. When a player puts a bet on sports, he can win money and may lose.

Fear of losing money accompanies each bettor who place bets, especially great amounts of money and may be reason that a player can't select correctly an event for betting and lose money.

Why is this happening?

Bettors who place bet a great amount of money, wants to find in his opinion 100% reliable pick to return placed money and get some profit. During selecting event, player does a number of errors, what about were discussed in previous videos. The most popular mistake is betting money on low odds.

If you place bets on sport, try mentally to ignore money, to choose event and bet money as if you would bet virtual money.

If it's impossible for you to stop fear of losing money, it's better don’t place bets on sports in bookmakers.

So, eighteenth bettors mistake: fear of losing money