betting statistical trapMost players, when select events for betting, carefully study sports betting statistics of previous matches of teams and players. Number of points, quantity of scored and missed goals and still a lot of useful information that helps to predict result of upcoming match.

Using Statistics analyze, it's necessary always remember that statistics is mirror of past and can have a negative impact on decision-making in present. Teams state always changes: one of players was injured, changes in coaching staff, someone has family problems and much more reasons.

If you follow statistics in sports betting, you can get into a statistical trap. Statistical trap is when information is obtained from statistics significantly differs from bookies rates.

For example: Football match of Bundesliga 2 (12.09.2016), Dynamo Dresden vs Karlsruhe. Dynamo Dresden is in top of standings, perfectly play on home stadium and always scores goals. Karlsruhe is outsider, has serious financial problems and problems with starting lineup. Odds for Dynamo victory is 1.7. It looks like a gift to bet money for Dynamo Dresden victory. Hosts attacked a lot, but the result is 0:0.

This is an example of when statistics say one thing, and seems that bookies are missed, but as a result it's statistical trap in which bettors enter.

So, Sixteenth bettors mistake: betting based on statistic.