sports betting investmentInternet is full of different companies what offers to bettors sports betting investments. The scheme of cooperation with these services is following: You open account in bookie and deposit money, pass them login and password. They place bets and in case of positive result, you pay them a specified percentage, which can reach 50% of profits.

It's also possible, when they ask you to transfer them money. They place bets in bookies and in case of a positive result you may get percentage of winnings.

Sports betting investment Services are used by rookies in sports betting and bettors who place bets very rarely.

Personally, I've never cooperated to so Services. I worked several years in bookie and have over 10 years sports betting experience, I can say that very few players have a positive result from betting, no more than 2-3%.

Typically, successful bettors personally bet money, earn extra income and don't offer to rise deposit for anyone else. Similarly, I can't say whether Sports betting investment Services are scams, but you earn is unlikely, most likely lose money.

Fourteenth players mistake: cooperation to companies of sports betting investment.