online betting without watching matchBookmakers offer to bettors to place bet on live sports events. Among huge offer live betting at the same time bettors may watch only some sports events what are shown on TV or find link in Internet for watching by Internet channel.

In most cases, players have to be guided by results of online services that provide text results of sports events or results of bookies near odds for betting.

Very often I was finding some inconsistencies that may affect on bettors choice. For example: NBA basketball match, 12th minute of 4 quarter, score draw 99:99, but the odds on one team 1.1 and for other 7.0, but literally after 15 seconds becomes clear, one team has three points advantage over another team. At first glance it may seem that you need to place bet on 7.0 wager price, but in reality the situation is quite different. Once I got on a similar trick of live line and results of bookmaker. Placed $10 on 7.0 rate and lost.

Bookmakers offer odds in accordance with actual situation, but results are little bit late. Sometimes bookmakers and result's services are confused, unreasonably add points to one team that may significantly affect for bettors choice. Online result's services and bookmakers often make mistakes.

In addition to the correct score, watching sports events on TV, will give you more than adequate situation of what is happening on stadium (weather conditions, the tactics of playing, errors, a desire to win and lot of more).

Be sure to watch sports event broadcast if you place bets online and it will significantly increase your chances of winning money in bookmaker. It’s better to see once than hear hundred times.

So, tenth bettors mistake: online betting without watching match.