unreceived incomeEach bookmaker offers its own line for betting. Bookmakers lines often differ in number of events on which bets are made and value of wager prices.

Unreceived income is real problem for 99% of bettors in sports betting tips. About half of all bettors place stakes in one bookmaker and even don't look at proposals of other bookmakers. Main reason for this - a banal habit, when a player gets used to the visual line of a bookmaker and doesn't want to see into a line of other bookmakers.

For example. You suppose that in Spanish Primera Liga match Celta Vigo vs Deportivo La Coruna will be shown a lot of yellow cards, but your bookmaker doesn't offer this option and you decide to place bet on something another from this match. As a result, an expected number of cards would be correct and you would win money, as in that match were shown 8 cards, wherein bookmaker offered 7 Over / Under, but the bet was placed on double chance draw or Deportivo victory and stake lost, as Celta win match with score 4:1.

If you bet money in one bookmaker, you thus limit yourself of offer this bookmaker. Bookmakers lines are very different. Some bookies offer about hundred options of one football match, while others may offer about twenty options for betting.

In addition to the breadth of offer to place a bet, a very important factor is wager price value. For example a football match Spain Primera Liga Celta Vigo vs. Deportivo La Coruña you decided to place bet Celta victory, while bookmakers have different opinions on chances to win and bookmaker Bet365 offers rate of 1.7, but Pinnacle offers a rate of 1.78. If you are betting only in bet365, in case of Celta victory, you receive less for 8% of your bet amount.

Like a small loss, but if take a hundred single winning bets of equal amounts, then at least half of them placed on lower rates than it would be possible to find in lines of other bookmakers. During this period, an amount of unreceived income is sum of five stakes. If amount of each bet was $100, then you haven't got about $ 500.

So ninth error of bettors is: betting only in one bookmaker.