betting on favorite teamAlmost every person who is interested in any kind of sport, is a fan of his favorite team or favorite athlete in individual sports. When our favorite team wins, we are very pleased well, and vice versa, when it loses, we are very disappointed.

As a rule, each of us has a favorite team represents the city in which we live, or district of city. For example in English football Premier League, playing a few clubs from London, and they represent a certain area of the city.

In addition to the favorite team, we cheer for the national team of our country in international tournaments, because we have a sense of patriotism and pride of our country.

If you place sports bets in bookmaker, it's better don't bet money on sports match with your favorite team participating, because your attitude will biased of soul, not logical mind. If you lose you will get a double portion of disorder.

Placing sports bets you need to rationally evaluate the teams chances for winning of proposed odds by bookmakers and adequately determine an amount of wager. It's essential that all sympathy or antipathy won't be to any team the match between which we bet money.

Fifteen years ago, when I was still rookie in sports betting, I put money on my favorite team, sometimes won, sometimes lost, but when I calculated all wagers per football season, the math showed that I stayed in small loss.

If you place bets not often than once a month by equal amounts, the loss may not be significant or even may get some profit.

But if you place bets on sports almost every day, it's better don't use betting on your favorite team or athlete, otherwise you may lose money on series of failures. In each team sometimes happens a black band and you can become a victim of it.

The seventh bettor’s mistake: Bet money on your favorite team.