betting borrowed moneyMany players, especially beginners believe that sports betting brings easy money, only would bet money on sport event and after the end of match, don't forget to pick them up at bookmaker, but it's not so. Win money in bookies is possible, but very difficult.

Each person has income and expenses, and very good if there is a positive difference between revenues and expenditures. When is a free amount of money that may be spent at your discretion (for example, make deposit in bank, purchase desired items, travel or use for betting in bookmakers).

Before you start to bet on sports you need to decide for yourself how much money is allocated for bets, that in case of loss won’t bring damage to family well-being (don't remain children without lunch at school, will ability to pay for public utilities or make payment on the loan).

Excellent if you still have free money from obligations and you may risk them. There are plenty of people who have no money left after paying all required operating costs. However, they run the risk, placing bets in hope of winning, but they usually lose money and thereby complicate own financial state. Not so terrible if amount is small, but if this amount of money what you need to earn a few months becomes really trouble.

Sometimes players borrow money in the hope of winning, which plan repay the debt, and use winnings to its sole wish. But paradoxically, these players all lose and have to repay debt with interest to bank.

Why is it happening?

Any player making a bet, wants to win and categorically does not want to lose. Bettors who have problems of lack of money, want to find a 100% reliable tips for betting, as they have a great fear of losing. During finding a reliable bet they make mistakes, what about I told in detail in previous videos and eventually lose everything.

Very well, if bettors are playing for last or borrowed money will be able to stop in time after their failures, otherwise become a vagrant hobbled by debts.
Sometimes there are tragic cases in which due to losses players have a huge debt, which unable pay off and commit suicide.

Always consider sports betting as entertainment and risk of such sum, what is not a pity to lose. And then you will enjoy the pleasure of sport and sports betting.

So, the sixth major mistake bettors in sports betting: to bet last money or betting on borrowed money.